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by Relaxmody, Wednesday, 7 September 2022 (6 months ago)

Markus Persson, better known as Notch, is a mysterious man with a hat and beard who seems to be the most successful independent developer. His game Minecraft recently sold more than four million copies, and he has no plans to stop. Not every blockbuster can say it has this many viewers before it even comes out. But what’s up, what’s wrong? Is this game really able to turn people into zombies and force them to buy it, no matter what their religion, politics, or way of thinking is? So, let’s learn more about this thing that’s happening.

Robinson in a cube

I want to warn everyone who already knows about Minecraft right away that this material is mostly for people who don’t know much about it. People who have played probably already have their own opinions. From reading blogs, I know that these people fall into two groups: those who think the game is “amazing” and does everything possible, and those who think it is “garbage” or, at best, “a passer.”

There are a lot of different opinions because this is a pure author’s work. And things like that are often not clear.

So let’s start with the first part. The first thing you should get used to about the area is how square everything is. Everything is sharp and pointy. The animals look like they were made out of cardboard, and the instruments are very pixelated. As a whole, the picture looks like a cool hello from the 1990s. At first, you expect Mario or Pacman to pop out from around the corner.

Freedom is the second most important thing. You have full, undivided control over what your ward does in this made-up world. There are a million different things to do, such as dig, break, build, kill, steal, make, burn, explore, think, etc. Limits are only put in place for technical reasons.

Then a totally random flight of fantasy starts. Trains, subways, mediaeval castles, statues, ships, complicated machines, whole villages, and even whole cities start to appear. The second type, on the other hand, is mostly found in multiplayer games because building a whole city by yourself is… Well, it takes a long time and a lot of energy.

Today we’re going to mine… in hell!

And this is where things start to go wrong. In essence, Minecraft is a blank page. You can write a story, a poem, or a picture of a landscape on it if you want to. Or fold some origami. But the sheet itself is just paper. It doesn’t make you happy, but it gives you a chance to make yourself happy. Nintendo Switch Best Video Games

Before you start mining, you should read at least some of the “How to become a cool miner” articles. If you don’t, you might spend the first few hours wondering things like “How do you cut a tree here?” or “Why isn’t the stone mined, but just goes away?” The easiest way to learn the basics is by watching “let’s plays,” which are available in huge numbers on YouTube. You can also go to Wikipedia and read the corresponding article, where almost everything about the game is explained in a clear and simple way.


The third option is to watch the Blades of Happiness team’s recorded streams. During these streams, we tried to make the game’s core ideas as easy to understand and fun to watch as possible. In the first show, we just talked about the projects, and in the second, we talked about redstone, a local attraction.

Then you can go on a safe trip through the endless world of cubes. More specifically, in three. In addition to the usual, familiar environment, which is divided into biomes to make it more beautiful (swamps, deciduous and coniferous forests, deserts, hills, and other interesting places), there are a couple of parallel dimensions. One of them is hell, which is mostly made of lava, like any good hell should be. People in the area have become less friendly, and the decorations are known for their gloomy grandeur. The second alternate world is called the World of Ender, and it has endermen, dragons, and strange obsidian contraptions that look like phallic organs. It feels like the first layer of Twilight from Lukyanenko’s work.

Work would be more fun if you went into the mine with a friend.

But it’s easy to get bored of taking apart and putting back together a small cube world. Even the most creative and resourceful person will want to do this with someone at some point. Here’s where Minecraft’s second bottom opens up: multiplayer. Yes, yes, friends, here you can build epic buildings, cities, towns, dungeons, and everything else that you liked to do on your own.

Let’s also mention that thanks to the fans, the mining craft has been changed in a huge number of different ways. From adding boring new blocks to adding the most natural-seeming portal gun to the local game! There are also changes to online play, including ways to protect your own home, share work, and make many console improvements.

Minecraft doesn’t start or end…

Let’s go back to the conversation we started above about starting over. The story is only mentioned in yellow text in the main menu. It is not there. Minecraft is just a sandbox for the sake of being a sandbox, and nothing else. Even though the current conditional credits give the person who sees them some right to say “I beat the game,” this is like saying that The Sims has passed. The game has no end, no limits, and no point.


Guys, you should also know that it’s scary here in Minecraft. Even more so at night and in deep water. Monsters usually come out at night. Zombies, spiders, and skeleton archers don’t need to be explained, but I’ll say a few words about the two most unusual bad guys. The legendary green creature that hugs people is a creep. It will get on your nerves a lot until you figure out how to avoid or fight them. When they see the hero, they start to creep up on him quietly, and when they are close enough, they hiss briefly and then blow up.

The second strange animal is called an enderman, and it looks kind of scary. These black giants with skinny arms can teleport, and they won’t attack you until you look them in the eyes.

I just happened to write a review of Terraria during the summer. There, the idea was put forward that Terraria wasn’t like Minecraft, but more like Diablo. Now is the time to remember this, because now that both time-wasters are out, the difference between them is almost nothing. There and there, you can get resources, fight monsters, walk to hell, use alchemy, and change the properties of weapons, but the way you do these things is different. “Terraria” always makes a normal munchkin hungry for new things, but in Minecraft, a munchkin is creative and often thinks about things like “can I design such a thing?” instead of new armour. After all, you know that cutting down a hundred trees is not enough to make a really impressive fortress. You must be able to manage your resources and put the cubes where they belong.

No matter how strange it sounds, it’s too soon to draw a line. Minecraft is always growing and changing, and the release point is almost like the release of the next update number 0.9.1, but only with the official start of sales and the long-awaited appearance of the “Quit” button in the main menu. No one can guess how many more different things the creators will add.

Here are the results up to that point: Minecraft is one of the cruellest and most evil games ever made. A chance to make your own world and change it so much that it’s unrecognisable. Or more than one person. And freedom is the most important thing here. The freedom to be creative and express yourself. Whoever comes here for something else usually doesn’t understand how it can be fun to play for days.

Pros: You can be as creative as you want, the map generator is great, the enemies are different, and the graphics are pixelated.

Cons: Not having compassion wastes time.

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