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Mini Militia v5.5.0 MOD APK (Level 9999, Unlock Outfits, MegaMod)
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Mini Militia v5.5.0 MOD APK (Level 9999, Unlock Outfits, MegaMod)

Get the Mini Militia MOD APK and enjoy the menu and infinite grenades features for an unbeatable gaming experience.

App Name Mini Militia -
Publisher Miniclip com
Genre Action
Size 45MB
Latest Version 5.4.2
MOD Info Level 9999, Unlock Outfits, MegaMod
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MOD Info
1) Unlimited Health 2) Unlimited Boost 3) Unlimited Ammo And Bomb 4) Magic Bomb Throw 5) Magic Melee Punch 6) Instant Health Fill 7) Walking Speed 8) No Gravity 9) Invisible 10) Wall Hack 11) Red Gas Color 12) Any Gun Dual Wield 13) New Dual Wield 14) No Reload 15) Bullet Through Wall 16) Infinite Bullet Speed 17) Infinite Bullet Range 18) Bullets Per Shot (1x_100x) 19) Emp Damage Reward(Default,Health,Boost) 20) Bomb(Default,Saw,Rocket,Mortar,Gasnade,Empnade,Proxynade) 21) Grenade Launcher(Default,Saw,Rocket,Mortar,Gasnade,Empnade,Proxynade) 22) Rocket Launcher(Default,Saw,Rocket,Mortar,Gasnade,Empnade,Proxynade) 23) Saw Gun Launcher(Default,Saw,Rocket,Mortar,Gasnade,Empnade,Proxynade) 24) Level 9999 25) Unlock All Outfits And Accessories(All things are unlocked but in virtual,you can’t equip them) 26) All Guns Fully Upgraded 27) Blind Robots 28) One Shot Kill 29) Hide Your Weapon From Enemies 30) High Damage Melee 31) No Saw Damage 32) Rocket Launcher Sprayer 33) Grenade Launcher Sprayer 34) Minigun Sprayer 35) Emp Gun Sprayer 36) Saw Gun Sprayer 37) M93ba(sniper) Sprayer 38) Magnum Sprayer 39) Mp5 Sprayer 40) Tavor Sprayer 41) Ak47 Sprayer 42) Tec9 Sprayer 43) Aa-12 Sprayer 44) Xm8 Sprayer 45) Hunting Pistol Sprayer 46) M14 Sprayer 47) Uzi Sprayer 48) Flame Thrower Sprayer 49) Phasr Sprayer 50) Deagle Sprayer 51) Pump-action Shotgun Sprayer
Download (45MB)

Prepare for an epic confrontation that beckons your mastery in Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2, a game deeply infused with the essence of the Doodle Army shooting series. If you’re already a devotee of the original rendition, then this gaming experience is an absolute must. As you step into this realm, you’ll find yourself ensconced in a whimsical cartoon universe, where the tension of combat and armaments is brilliantly offset by the inherent humor exuded by the characters. This battlefield awaits your presence in an electrifying showdown between the highly anticipated Soldat and Halo protagonists.

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Presenting the latest iteration, now enriched with enhanced features, offering you a seamless avenue for forging connections and building friendships within the real world. It grants you the ability to discover and connect with a diverse array of individuals. Every player can operate under a distinct alias, ensuring the uniqueness of each identity, thereby precluding any duplication of usernames.


But the offerings don’t stop there. We’ve introduced the functionality to trace your friends using IDs. Now, you can swiftly add them to your roster of companions, whether they are accessing the game as a guest or as a host. The capacity of your friends’ list knows no bounds, allowing players the freedom to extend invitations and engage with a plethora of captivating personas.


While your friends’ list may be boundless, Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 limits your in-game battles to a maximum of six participants. This brings to mind a cinematic gathering of charming characters, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of their personalities in the minutest detail. As a player, you will find yourself in the hearts of these virtual heroes, joining them in their fervent cry for victory.


The player’s creative input lends an unmatched charm to the game’s characters. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 bestows upon you a sprawling selection of choices. Initially, players can embark on the quest to define their character’s physique. A plethora of diverse body types is at your disposal, with a similar range of options for selecting facial features and distinctive hairstyles.


The game takes the allure of customization a step further by providing protective accessories that guard against ferocious enemy attacks. From stylish headgear to sturdy boots and even state-of-the-art bulletproof armor tailored exclusively for your character, the options are extensive. Additionally, you have the flexibility to impart various eyes and mouths to your character, further enhancing their uniqueness.


The spoils of war find purpose in Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 as they enable you to acquire distinct weaponry. A spectrum of firearms, differing in size and functionality, awaits your selection and conquest in the most intense of battles. Furthermore, a razor-sharp blade assumes the role of an exceptional weapon in your arsenal.


A comprehensive map system adds an additional layer of exploration to your gaming experience, boasting over 20 distinctive maps for your perusal. Each map boasts its own unique terrain, battle settings, and adversaries. Whether it’s treacherous mountainous terrains with rugged rock formations or lush, untamed forests teeming with verdant foliage, every locale offers a fresh challenge and an opportunity for victorious exploits.

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Download (45MB)

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