Mortal Blade 3D MOD APK v1.3 (Unlimited Money/Infinite Block)
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Mortal Blade 3D MOD APK v1.3 (Unlimited Money/Infinite Block)

The action-packed fighting game Mortal Blade 3D MOD APK was created by Words Mobile. Due to its intense gameplay and gorgeous visuals, it is readily accessible on the Android and iOS platforms and has gained a tonne of popularity.

App Name Mortal Blade 3D
Publisher Words Mobile
Genre Action
Size 21.33MB
Latest Version 1.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Infinite Block
Get it On Google Play
MOD Info
  • Lots of Currency
  • Infinite Block
  • Lots of Talent Points
Download (21.33MB)

Are you an aficionado of high-octane combat games, designed to scrutinize your endurance and expertise? The sole genuine three-dimensional sword-fighting spectacle that allows you to immerse yourself in the raw, fervent essence of battle, right in the palm of your hand, is none other than Mortal Blade 3D. Mortal Blade stands as the paramount action role-playing opus, catering to players of diverse proficiency levels, boasting awe-inspiring visuals, intricate swordsmanship, and an abundance of formidable trials to conquer.

Perspectives on the Game

In the action-infused realm of swordplay that is Mortal Blade 3D, you have the liberty to outfit your avatar with an array of lethal weaponry and prized armor ensembles. There exist no restraints on your ability to embody the godly sovereign, whether it involves vanquishing adversaries or annihilating diabolical monstrosities. The game perpetually unveils novel challenges to surmount and battles to emerge victorious from, featuring a surplus of over 200 arduous levels.

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Operability and Gameplay

The game’s spellbinding visuals and auditory ambience immerse you in the thick of the action, evoking an authentic sense of participation. Executing maneuvers such as striking, evading, and parrying the blows of your antagonists through screen-swiping proves remarkably facile due to the game’s user-friendly controls. Endow your champion with a distinctive persona by equipping them with magnificent swords, shields, armor plating, helmets, and gemstones. This arsenal will bestow upon you the upper hand required to overcome your adversaries resolutely.

Cinematic Visuals and Auditory Allure

The breathtaking panoramas and captivating auditory effects within Mortal Blade 3D collectively constitute a sensorial banquet. Throughout the game, top-tier visual aesthetics are harnessed to breathe life into the virtual expanse, meticulously rendering each constituent in exquisite high-definition detail. Mortal Blade emerges as a visual extravaganza, encapsulating everything from the picturesque surroundings to the nightmarish demon adversaries.

Intuitive Controls

Thanks to the game’s easy-to-comprehend controls, players can effortlessly dive into the action and commence playing with minimal impediments. Swipe the screen adeptly to execute strikes, evasions, and counteractions against your assailants. The prompt and pinpoint controls ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Personalization Choices

Mortal Blade 3D extends a multitude of options for players to customize their in-game hero, thereby imparting a sense of distinctiveness. By perusing a diverse array of legendary swords, shields, armor sets, helmets, and gemstones, players can craft characters that align with their preferred playstyle. Mortal Blade furnishes you with the latitude to craft the perfect champion, be it a swift and nimble assailant or a heavily fortified juggernaut.

Opt for Mortal Blade 3D For the Following Reasons…

If you possess an inclination for sword-fighting games and seek an enthralling odyssey capable of sustaining your engagement for extended durations, then Mortal Blade 3D is your unequivocal choice. Immerse yourself wholly in the immersive three-dimensional swordplay presented by the game. Mortal Blade stands as the quintessential action role-playing endeavor, owing to its astonishing visuals, uncomplicated controls, and a never-ending procession of trials.

The Process of Engaging with Mortal Blade 3D

Procuring and downloading the game: Mortal Blade 3D is conveniently downloadable via the official game website or your device’s app store, such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Upon installation, create an account to gain access to gameplay. Whether through a Google account, social media credentials, or a newly forged account, you can initiate the login process. Empower your hero with in-game gems, armor, shields, and legendary armaments, thereby endowing them with a distinctive visage. Tailor your equipment selection to align with your playing style and preferences. Commence the gameplay: Once your champion has been tailored to your specifications, embark upon your gaming journey. Employ screen-swiping actions to execute strikes, evasions, and parries. The game unfolds with more than 200 formidable stages, each housing its own unique boss encounters and adversaries. As you progress through the stages, you will be rewarded with experience points (XP) and gold. While gold may be expended on acquisitions from the in-game store, XP facilitates your ascent through levels, unlocking new equipment and proficiencies. Secure victory in the game: Mortal Blade 3D offers a rich and exhilarating combat experience, characterized by its accessible controls and boundless combat prospects. Master the game to ascend to the esteemed position of the divine sovereign!


The preeminent sword-fighting spectacle for your mobile device materializes in the form of Mortal Blade 3D. Mortal Blade encapsulates a lifelike three-dimensional sword-fighting ordeal, capable of ensnaring your fascination for extended durations, courtesy of its resplendent visuals, straightforward controls, and an unceasing stream of challenges. Customize your champion with extraordinary armaments such as swords, shields, armor, helmets, and gemstones, then proceed to vanquish adversaries and vanquish the infernal demon adversaries, rising to the exalted echelon of the godly sovereign. The boundaries of playtime are nonexistent, ensuring there’s always another confrontation awaiting.

Download Mortal Blade 3D

Download (21.33MB)

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