Squad Alpha v1.7.11 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode, Money, MegaMod)
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Squad Alpha v1.7.11 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode, Money, MegaMod)

Squad Alpha Mod APK is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where players form teams and battle against each other in different maps and game modes.

App Name Squad Alpha - Action Shooting
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Genre Action
Size 428MB
Latest Version 1.7.11
MOD Info One Hit, God Mode, Money
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MOD Info
  • MOD 1

    • MENU MOD
    • Damage multiplier
    • God mode
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Grenade Max Radius
    • Bullet Speed
    • Elite Pass Unlocked
    • Max Season Tier
    • Game Speed

    MOD 2

    [ Player Menu ]

    • -> Godmode
    • -> One Shot Kill
    • -> Unlimited Ammo
    • -> Max Range
    • -> Lock On Through Walls
    • -> Grenade Max Radius
    • -> Bullet Speed

    [ Account Menu ]

    • -> Reward Multiplier
    • -> Elite Pass Unlocked
    • -> Max Season Tier
Download (428MB)

In the realm of digital gaming, Say Games has birthed a creation known as Squad Alpha, an action-packed shooting extravaganza. At the heart of this game lies a distinctive gameplay mechanic, one that bestows upon you the power to seamlessly swap your weaponry at will.


In the surreal world of Squad Alpha, you assume the role of an agent, armed to the teeth with cutting-edge armaments and endowed with extraordinary abilities that allow you to dispatch your adversaries with a single, decisive blow. The game operates at breakneck speed and boasts a plethora of intricately designed levels, demanding that you navigate covertly, unearth your foes, and obliterate them with finesse. Each cluster of levels forms a composite whole, adding up to a staggering tally of over 200 distinct trials. The locales you traverse and the adversaries you confront within each stage are ever-shifting and evolving. As you traverse the game’s intricate tapestry, the levels progressively intensify in complexity, demanding ever more from your gaming prowess.


Your squad comprises a collective of formidable and accomplished agents, each radiating potent potential. The decision rests in your hands, as you select the agent whose style of play aligns with your personal predilections. Notably, each character wields an arsenal distinct from the others, endowed with a unique set of abilities and tactical acumen. To truly harness their prowess and navigate the labyrinthine levels successfully, it is imperative that you acquaint yourself with their individual strengths and weaknesses. Harness their capabilities judiciously to vanquish those who dare to stand against you. Gather your elite agents and rally them to the cause, for in their triumph lies the promise of tranquility and unwavering stability.


The agent under your charge may have grown stale in appearance, their visage a canvas longing for transformation. Why not breathe new life into them with an ensemble more striking than before? Within the precincts of the options menu, an extensive array of attire choices awaits your discerning eye. Embrace personas such as the Ninja, Special Forces operative, Mercenary, Mad Doctor, or the indomitable Cowboy. These vestiges of personal style lie dormant, awaiting your unlock, a feat accomplished through dedicated perseverance. An enviable wardrobe of your desired outfits is yours for the taking. The profound metamorphosis of your character is an endeavor that elevates the allure of battle to an unprecedented echelon.


The treasure trove of Squad Alpha boasts a treasury of more than thirty distinct armaments, each an embodiment of singularity. These weapons each wield their own intrinsic virtues and vices, rendering no two the same. Amongst your choices, one can uncover pistols, rifles, machine guns, laser canons, and even flamethrowers. The acquisition of these formidable instruments is facilitated through in-game currency. One must bear in mind that the dynamics of each weapon’s range and damage fluctuate as they are brought into play. To emerge victorious, a discerning strategy is of paramount importance. It is thus evident that mastery over the situation necessitates more than the raw might of the weapon.


The adversaries within Squad Alpha may appear deceptively innocuous, but appearances can be profoundly misleading. They are dispersed and elude stagnation, ceaselessly on the move, evading predictability. A motley assemblage of foes, they manifest in various physiognomies, boasting an array of weaponry, some deadly beyond belief. Take, for instance, the enigmatic Heavy Robot, capable of spinning with the grace of a pinwheel, all while brandishing a formidable cannon that spews destructive salvos in eight simultaneous directions. To confront such adversaries unaided is a Herculean task; it necessitates mastery over more potent abilities and weaponry or the acquisition of the unyielding protection of ironclad skin.


After protracted forays into the virtual world, a realm where battles rage incessantly, the need for reprieve and relaxation becomes imperative. Your respite takes the form of an office, a space where you spend an appreciable amount of your time. In essence, this becomes a canvas upon which your creative expression is unrestrained. You have the liberty to tailor every facet to your exacting requirements, all within the constraints of your budget. Be it the procurement of opulent furnishings, a luxuriant sleeping berth, or perhaps a grand aquatic tank, you possess the means to transform this environment into a modern and indulgent sanctuary for post-battle reprieve.

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Download (428MB)

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