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Swordigo v1.4.6 MOD APK (Unlocked)
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Swordigo v1.4.6 MOD APK (Unlocked)

App Name Swordigo
Publisher Touch Foo
Genre Adventure
Size 54MB
Latest Version 1.4.6
MOD Info Unlocked all
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Unraveling Swordigo: A Saga of Intricacy and Diversity

Embark on an odyssey through the realm of Swordigo, an intricate RPG and platform game that entwines the fate of a youthful swordsman with a quest to vanquish the enigmatic Corrupters. This journey unfolds across a multitude of levels, each unveiling novel intricacies within the game. Brace yourself for an ever-shifting topography and an array of monstrous adversaries that necessitate swift adaptation. The protagonist’s evolution, as he matures into a formidable force, hinges on a steady accumulation of resources and experiences. Each battle and exploration holds the key to his ascent, leaving no room for evasion.


Swordigo’s narrative ensnares players in the enigmatic tale of a swordsman, triggered by an eerie reverie. His mentor’s inexplicable vanishing precipitates an unrelenting quest for answers. Wandering through the wooded expanse, a grim revelation awaits the swordsman; his revered teacher has succumbed. Beside the lifeless form, a cryptic missive surfaces, disclosing the presence of malevolent entities – the Corruptors.

Intriguingly, the mentor imparts vital knowledge to his protégé; the Corruptors have reemerged, and this revelation is tragically sealed by the arrival of a shadowy, obsidian monstrosity. With raw might transcending his own, the swordsman endures a cataclysmic assault that reduces him to unconsciousness. His convalescence unfolds in the wake of a benevolent healer, and he is introduced to the fabled Mageblade, a formidable weapon touted as the sole antidote to the Corruptors’ menace. Armed with this newfound purpose, he embarks on an arduous quest to locate this mythical blade of power.


Swordigo masterfully weaves together elements of RPG and platform gameplay within its 2D landscapes. Armed with a formidable weapon, players meander through the diverse in-game landscapes, pausing to scrutinize, and occasionally dismantle, environmental elements. Serendipity might grant valuable shards, the game’s primary currency, to the fortunate few. Furthermore, astute exploration may unearth invaluable guideposts.

Traversal through assorted terrains introduces inquisitive souls to imperative navigational cues, often manifesting as enigmatic symbols bearing answers to forthcoming challenges. In addition to contending with treacherous landscapes, adversaries manifest on the journey. Each entity introduces novel attack patterns, demanding astute recognition.


When facing adversaries within Swordigo, strategical prowess is of the essence. Cautiousness prevails when confronted by superior foes or those clad in unyielding armor, as they necessitate distinct tactics. Analyzing the intricacies of their assault patterns unveils opportunities to strike back. Take, for instance, a tortoise-like creature that hurls a spherical projectile; skillful manipulation may redirect the projectile’s trajectory, resulting in the foe’s self-inflicted harm.

An array of adversaries, each endowed with distinct attributes, presents opportunities for wealth accumulation. Each vanquished foe rewards the player with an influx of experience and shards, fostering both character growth and the acquisition of indispensable wares. Upon leveling up, players confront a pivotal choice: enhance their vitality, bolster their physical prowess, or augment their magical capabilities. In parallel, the accretion of shards enables the acquisition of potent armaments, each wielding a unique and invaluable array of effects.

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